Month: June 2011

  • Featured On Grace Ormonde

    As Seen Grace Ormonde 

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    Just the other day I was informed that I have an image featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.  It is an image of Patricia & Robert’s cake from last year.  If you want to take a look here is a link to the gallery where it is located, it is actually the first image in the gallery right now.

    It is nice to have something included because I like Grace Ormonde because they really do a great job of having that fashion type feel to their publication and website, yet also still having some classic sophistication as well.  If you want to see more of my work or follow me you can do so here or at:



  • Pacific Eye Specialists | Headshot Photographer

    Awhile back I shot some headshots for Pacific Eye Specialist.  They needed to update their website and needed some headshots for their new staff.  Of course the most convenient place for them to do it was in their office.  Being that I had never been there before I did not know exactly what I would find but as the other shots they had on their site pretty much were in front of some solid colored wall I figured that I could find a neutral or white wall somewhere to shoot against.  As it ends up they let me use one of their exam rooms.  So lets just say I actually did not have a whole lot of room to use.  But here is another case where if you know how to use lighting you can create quality images regardless of where you are.  So effectively I probably had a space of about 9′ x 8′.  Not a lot of room and the ambient light in there was pretty much the standard florescent lights and the lights they have for their exams, definitely not going to get anything good if I used only that.  So I set three flashes to provide my lighting and then called them in one at a time. 

    So as you can imagine even though they are are all attractive women they obviously spent much more time studying than in front of a camera but they were all great sports, so we just had some fun with it all that helped them to relax and they did great.  This kind of shoot can be very dry and unexciting but the challenge of getting the shot under less than ideal conditions is always rewarding.  However, the best part of this shoot was the time I got to spend with these smart, talented, and lovely ladies; who each also had a great sense of humor.  So if you are in need of eyecare look them up.

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