Month: July 2011

  • Melinda & Brent | Mill Valley Wedding Photographer

    Melinda and Brent are a great couple and if you read myentry about their engagement session you would know that they are also a verynice couple.  After shooting they treatedme to dinner and even some dessert as well. I had such a good time with them then that you know I was really lookingforward to spending their wedding day with them.  The day of their wedding ended up being justbeautiful.  Not to be taken for grantedif you are familiar with the weather we have been having here in the SanFrancisco Bay Area.  Melinda put togethera great day and as to be expected Melinda and Brent were awesome to work withbut a great bonus was that their bridal party and family were a hoot and keptme quite entertained. 


    Melinda & Brent both love the outdoors and adventures soI am sure they will make their new life together one great adventure!  Congratulations, and all the best to themboth.


    Associate – Brian

    Flowers – Jamie Reyes Florals

    Cake – The Cakemaker

    DJ – Now Hear This DJ’s

    Lion Dance – White Crane

    Venue – Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley


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    Detail 1 

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    Detail 2 

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