January 30, 2012

  • Life Moves Along…Seldom Do We Realize Until Later The Full Meaning

    The other week the wife and I were shopping at Target.  Yes, we are pretty wild!    Well as we were wandering the aisles we ran into one of my past brides.  I do have contact with her and her husband but it was just a reminder to me of how life is moving along.  Seems like yesterday that I was shooting their wedding and now she is expecting their first child…and you can now definitely tell.  I am so happy and excited for them!   I thought back to their wedding day and all the joy and fun that we all had.  I remembered her beautiful dress and their wonderful venues and yet I also remember an image I shot of the Groom and his Mom.  I loved it not because it was such an exceptional image but because it was him cheesing it up with his Mom on the dance floor.  Unfortunately, his Mom is no longer with us and  I know that on the day of the wedding nothing could have been further from anyone’s mind.  But these are both reminders of how our lives continue to move along and change, some good things and some sad.  I do not look at my own wedding pictures that often but I am so grateful that we have them.  I remember that the day was a great one in my life but it went by so fast that much of it is a bit of a blur.  I also have lost both of my parents since then.  I am often sad when I think of my Mom because I wish she were still here.  I know that my wedding day was a day my Mom looked forward to for many years.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer just a couple of months before my wedding and one of my great fears was that she would be too sick to enjoy that day.  I thank God that she had a good day and seemed to enjoy herself.  Sadly that perhaps was one of the last greatest days of her life since we lost her just a year later. 

    My wife and I spent a lot of money on our wedding photos.  We hired a photographer whose work we loved.  We brought them up from LA to the San Francisco Bay Area.  We chose too many pictures for our album and had to pay extra.  At the time it was a bit staggering to us how much it all cost but now I think about those photos and what they are worth to me.  I don’t think I can begin to explain how much they are worth.  At that time I knew that it was worth having good photographs but I did not truly know the worth of all that imagery.  They say that hind sight is 20/20 because we can see the ramification of our decisions and actions.  That is why I now work so hard on a wedding day for my couples, because I know from my own experience what the worth of good images are and once the day is past we can never go back.  

    HERE ARE A COUPLE SHOTS FROM MY WEDDING. – These are not from our official photographer but from my Best Man, Scott Robert Lim. Maybe some of you have heard of him.  Yeah, he is an okay photographer too.  Ha ha ha……

    Look how skinny and young we were!

    DianaEricWed 029 

    A shot of my folks.




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  • Times waits for no one. At least your parents got to be there on your wedding day. The look so happy!

  • @jennfaceee - Yes, so true.  We often take for granted those around us.  I was and am very greatful for that day because my Mom was very sick most of the following year.  So really this was one of the last really happy moments in her life.  That is why these pictures are so important and valuable because I can see and remember that happiness.

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  • I wish more couples would realise the importance of investing in good photography for their wedding and the long term value of greats images! Thanks for sharing! And I have to ask, who is this Scott Robert Lim? LOL!

  • @Bandele Zuberi - Well you know B, that Scott Robert guy was just hanging around so we let him join the party.  Ha ha ha… 

    Yes, I agree that it would be great if more couples would realize the importance of photography, but you know Lawrence Chan does say that is why it is part of our job as photographers to help them see that. Often people don’t perceive the value before an event happens so we must help them to see what it is worth after.

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