September 21, 2011

  • Sammi Is The Girl With The Not Quite A Dragon Tattoo | Editorial/Bridal Photographer

    Awhile back I worked on a wedding with Diana when she was the MUA and I was the photographer.  I later realized that we had a good friend in common so we started to communicate.  Well we both decided that we wanted to try some stuff so we set up a shoot.  I am going to break the images up into a couple of posts so this is the first installment. 


    Well awhile back I posted an image that seemed to garner a fair amount of attention and I can’t say I am completely surprised.  It featured one of our lovely models giving us a look at her awesome tattoo.  So to let you know that girl is Sammi.  As you can see Sammi is not just beautiful but she has a certain sex appeal as well.  So here are a few more of the shots we got of her that day.

     IMG_2320-Edit-Edit b

     IMG_2329-Edit b

    IMG_2446 b 

    IMG_2467-Edit b 

    IMG_5536-Edit-Edit v2 b 

    IMG_2522-Edit b 

    IMG_2577-Edit b 

    IMG_2584-Edit b 

    IMG_5684-Edit b 

    IMG_5925-Edit-Edit v2 b 

    IMG_2671 b 

    IMG_5838-Edit-Edit b 

    IMG_5827-Edit-Edit b 

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