October 25, 2011

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Sandra & Tomas

    Practice Practice 

    You know they always say that practice makes perfect and you know often it is so true.  I am not always at the rehearsals but I have to start remembering to tell my couples to practice their kiss.  I know, I know, many people are embarrassed or self conscious but really this is a great moment!  You have just made a covenant with one another and now this is the first time you kiss as a married couple.  Too often I see the couple make this super fast peck at each other.  I hate to say it but if you are afraid of looking awkward, then that move will really accomplish the goal of making you awkward, which is what you were trying to avoid.  I am not saying to be at the point where people think that you should go and get a room either but in my humble opinion I think a nice relaxed and thoughtful smooch is a nice end after a very intimate and special ceremony. 

    I think Sandra & Tomas did pretty good during the rehearsal but still a little not sure of what to do and a bit  too much space in between so they had to really stretch but as you can see with a little practice I think their wedding day kiss turned out quite nice. 

    Congratulations to Sandra & Tomas it was a beautiful day.

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  • That’s awesome. I like the idea of asking couples to practice their kiss.=D I know what you mean by the quick peck! 

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